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This morning Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posted his latest research notes on his Twitter site. Kuo's latest surveys and predictions are as follows:

  • Sharp is likely to exit the iPhone 16 CMOS Camera Module (CCM) supply chain. Existing CCM suppliers, including LG Innotek, Foxconn, and Cowell, will benefit.
  • In comparison, Cowell will benefit more than LG Innotek and Foxconn because (1) Luxshare-ICT is a potential acquirer of Sharp’s CCM business, which will significantly increase Cowell’s orders if it comes to fruition; and (2) Cowell’s revenue is relatively small.
  • The display size of the iPhone 16 Pro will be slightly larger than the iPhone 14/15 Pro’s 6.1", allowing the 16 Pro to equip with a periscope camera thanks to larger internal space. It’s expected that iPhone 16 Pro Max and Pro will have periscopes (vs. only Pro Max among the 15 series). Cowell will likely be the CCM supplier for the iPhone 16 periscope in 2024.
  • The CCM ASP of the periscope is approximately 6–8 times that of the iPhone front AF CCM, which will help Cowell to increase its revenue significantly.
  • The 2nd generation Apple AR/MR headset is expected to go into mass production in 2025. There will be two versions, a high-end and a low-end. Shipments of the 2nd generation in 2025 are expected to be around ten times those of the 1st generation in 2023.
  • Cowell is also one of the CCM suppliers and main beneficiaries of the 2nd generation Apple AR/MR headset. The expected supply ratio will be at least 70–80%.


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