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After Nvidia announced their soaring financial forecast, HP announced working on a next-gen PC using AI technology from Nvidia & Qualcomm

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The hype surrounding all things AI is off the charts at the moment and more so since Nvidia's quarterly financial announcement.  Nvidia Corp on Tuesday became the first chipmaker to join the trillion-dollar club, as the company bets on a surge in demand for its AI chips that power chatbot sensation ChatGPT and many other applications.

AI took centre stage after Nvidia stunned investors with a revenue forecast last week that surpassed analysts' expectations by more than 50%.

"Nvidia is the poster child for AI at the moment," said Thomas Hayes, chairman at Great Hill Capital. "The market is coming to terms with if this AI trend is real."

Even though it's not an Apple driven trend, it will engulf all computer makers in designing a next-generation of PC's. It's a trend that Patently Apple will follow closely for interesting news while trying to stay clear of pure hype. The first report on a new kind of PC came from HP yesterday.

HP Inc. CEO Enrique Lores says consumers and businesses are poised to see big changes to their computers within 24 months due to new advances in artificial intelligence.

"What we are working on is to build AI capabilities into the PC," Lores told analysts on a late Tuesday earnings call. "So, consumers or professionals will be able to run AI applications at the edge and will not have to run them on the cloud."

"The benefit this will bring is that if you're a small company and you want to use some of your private data in an AI application, you will not have to upload it, you will be able to run it locally. And also there will be advantages in cost and advantages in latency," he said.

Lores added HP is working closely with chipmakers to integrate to new AI designs into its computers.

"There's going to be a significant change. Customers will start seeing some of these solutions available in 2024 about 12 months, 20 months from now, and it's going to be a huge opportunity to really bring energy to the category," Lores explained. For more, read the full Yahoo! Finance report.

Gizchina added that "HP is set to release a new category of PCs with a revolutionary architecture that will enable users to work with artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The new architecture will allow for the processing of data analysis locally, ensuring the security of sensitive information. HP has partnered with AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm in developing this new platform. The new category of PCs will be available soon, and they will redefine what a PC is."

Yesterday in an interview with CNBC's Jim Cramer, HP CEO Enrique Lores said the company is creating AI-enabled PCs that will allow customers to build spreadsheets and analyze data in record time. Instead of analysts spending hours poring over figures, AI will be able to create spreadsheets, analyze data and even dialogue about its findings in seconds. These new models could hit the market as early as 2024.

“I have been in this industry for many, many years, Jim,” Lores told Cramer. “I have never seen an opportunity like this, to really drive innovation and drive new type of customer needs that we really think are going to be fundamental.” Below is a video of the interview.

HP's CEO made a case for AI for PCs in the enterprise market but left us wondering what they could be working on for consumer PCs. Whether these so-called "revolutionary" PC's will offer substantive value to consumers or just a series of gimmicky AI apps is unknown at this time.

Is the PC industry trying to revive interest in desktops and notebooks by driving this AI hype that will require high-end processors and graphics or will it truly upend the market like Apple's iPhone did when a true smartphone was first introduced?

While it may be too early to form an opinion on something that's 'coming,' what is your initial knee-jerk reaction to the coming AI revolution in PCs? Send in your comments below or on our Twitter feed.

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