The Australian and Hong Kong Trademark Office Databases reveal that Apple's Shell Company filed for xrProOS Trademark last Week
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A new Rumor reveals other Possible Trademarks related to Apple's XR Headset


On May 16 Patently Apple posted a report titled " The rumor of a Shell Company Trademarking 'xrOS' in New Zealand resurfaces with new information. This morning we posted another IP report titled "The Australian and Hong Kong Trademark Office Databases reveal that Apple's Shell Company filed for xrProOS Trademark last Week."

Later this morning, a new report from MacRumors revealed that the Apple shell company by the name of 'Immersive Health Solutions LLC, filed for the "RealityProOS" Trademark in New Zealand according to a patent attorney who didn't provide a screenshot of the filing for Apple fans to see. So we decided to look into this and the trademark filing from the New Zealand IP Office is presented below in the form of a screen shot of the basic filing information. 

(Click on the image below to greatly Enlarge) 2 FINAL TM for realityproOS

The MacRumors report also pointed to Realityo Systems LLC filing for 'REALOS" (all caps). We found the trademark filing under #1237684 was submitted on May 18, 2023. The International Registration number is 1729924. It was filed under International Classes 09 and 12.

3 FINAL - RealOS TM = Realityo ...(Click on image to Enlarge)

However, let it be known that REALOS is owned by Fujitsu Limited of Japan. It was registered in the U.S. on March 8, 2008 under #3,393,347 covering computer operating system. Yet interestingly the trademark was transferred to Realityo Systems LLC on March 30, 2023 under serial #78909065. 

3x - Screenshot 2023-05-22 142159 Realityo Systems now shown to own RealOS (Click on image to Enlarge)

While at the New Zealand IP Office, we Entered "RealityProOS" into the search bar and the results came in with one for Reality Pro and two other were for "Reality OS" under two filings, but none for RealityProOS combined. We'll check back tomorrow to see if anything new has been filed, but the latest finding in the New Zealand IP Office has no such filing registered.

(Click on image to Enlarge)4 FINAL -  New Zealand Data base Screenshot 2023-05-22 101658 for Reality Pro OS non-existent

We also took another look at both Australian and Hong Kong IP Offices searching for more trademarks related to "Immersive Health Solutions." Both IP Offices also included a trademark filing for "Reality Processor" and others as noted below.  

(Click on both Screenshots below to Enlarge)

5- Australian IP Office Immersive Health Solutions LLC for Reality Pro  Reality Processor
6 final Screenshot 2023-05-22 095514 Immersive Health Solutions in Hong Kong

As we get closer to Apple's WWDC23, we're bound to read about more rumors surfacing about Apple's XR Headset as the excitement about the introduction of this all-new device from Apple builds. So stay tuned.  

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