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A new rumor claims that Apple's XR Headset will be the First Device to be powered by Dual Processors from TSMC


Apple's first XR headset is counting down, and industry news is claiming that in order to enhance the imaging effect and provide better user experience to stimulate sales, the new XR Headset will be equipped with dual processors for the first time, and will be exclusively represented by TSMC.

In addition, the cost of dual processors is the second highest among all the components of the XR Headset, which means the unit price is high. TSMC will continue to ship products in the third quarter, which will add new fuel to the performance in the second half of the year.

According to industry analysis, "TSMC has already received OEM orders for processors equipped with Apple hardware such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch. In the second half of this year, a new large order for XR Headset processors will be placed.  

As far as the second half of this year is concerned, the high-end models of the new iPhone 15 series are expected to be equipped with TSMC’s latest 3-nanometer A17 processor, and the new MacBook is also expected to introduce the latest M-series processor produced by TSMC’s 3-nanometer process. With the newly added MR processor big order, TSMC will be the big winner of Apple's new product launch this year." This supports Monday's rumor that Apple will occupy 90% of TSMC 3nm capacity in 2023.

The United Daily News report from Taiwan further states that should the rumor that Apple XR Headset is equipped with dual processors, it will be Apple’s first attempt to use dual processors in the hardware. It is expected to greatly improve product performance. . The market expects that the MR devices should be equipped with Apple's self-developed M-series processors, which have excellent performance, and the order volume has doubled from one in the past to two, which will positively help increase TSMC's shipments.

Another analytical report echoes this rumor, naming TSMC as the sole supplier of dual-processor orders for Apple's new XR Headset. Industry analysts revealed that among the material costs of Apple's new XR Headset, TSMC's dual-processor unit price ranks second highest, second only to Sony's exclusive supply of Micro OLED displays. The case mainly supplied by Everwin Precision, the 12 camera modules exclusively supplied by Cowell Electronics, and the external power supply exclusively supplied by Goertek.

The United Daily News from Taiwan has been a long-standing source for Apple supply chain news and rumors. Today's rumor is definitely an exciting one if in fact it turns out to be accurate.

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