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Yesterday Terry Guo shared the stage with Reed Jobs, Son of Steve Jobs at an Event at the Yushan Science and Technology Association

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Terry Gou, the founder of Hon Hai , is on a journey to develop the American technology economy. He returned to the Yushan Science and Technology Association yesterday, and had a meeting with the godfather of optical fiber in Taiwan, Gong Xingxian, and John Chen, vice president of technology and fab management at NVIDIA. More than 100 members of MJAA Huameiyushan met happily. Reed Jobs, the son of Steve Jobs, was invited to the event in person, and the interaction between the two was enthusiastic, reports United Daily News.

Guo pointed out that Reed Jobs, the son of Jobs, was invited to attend this event. Terry Guo (formerly Guo Taiming in Chinese) said that he was proud to have worked with Jobs since the 1980s, and showed Jobs his innovation in the field of technology and development. ,deep impression.

Recalling his participation in the design process of the iPhone , Terry Gou said that when the previous generations of Apple mobile phones were launched, he would go to the United States every March to complete the design with Jobs and Jony Ive; he would use half a year to prepare for mass production Only in this way can the new machine be released smoothly in September.

Guo revealed that before the release of the iPhone 5, Jobs suddenly decided to change the name of the original 5 to 4S. At that time, he had already found out that he had cancer. And in the sterile room, he is still working day and night, which makes Guo very grateful.

Jobs passed away in October of the same year. Guo Taiming expressed emotionally that the original 4S stands for "for Steve", and all of this was predestined by God. Jobs is not only a hero, but also a great hero. He is also a warm sun that illuminates the whole world.

Regarding Jobs' classic speech at Stanford University's graduation ceremony: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!" Guo Taiming said that this is the key word that changed him. Because he was inspired, he put the "Jobs spirit" into Evolved to "Stay hungry, stay learning!"

Guo also often thinks about a sentence that Jobs said: "If today is the last day of your life, what do you want to do?" Guo pays tribute to Jobs by always learning.\

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