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While Apple owns 90% of ARM-Based PC's today, Competitors are gearing up to adopt Qualcomm's ARM processors for PCs in 2024

The PC Industry continues its slump in Q1 2023, with Apple falling the steepest

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For calendar Q4 2022 the PC industy took a big hit in the U.S. market with Apple declining 27.8% with only Dell falling further to -32.6%. Today IDC's preliminary report for calendar Q1 2023 illustrates that the PC industry continues to feel the economic downfall's pain.

According to a new IDC report, global shipments numbered 56.9 million, marking a contraction of 29.0% compared to the same quarter in 2022. For calendar Q1, we see that Apple's decline was the worst of all PC companies, down a whopping 40.5%.  

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"By 2024, an aging installed base will start coming up for refresh," said Linn Huang, research vice president, Devices and Displays at IDC. "If the economy is trending upwards by then, we expect significant market upside as consumers look to refresh, schools seek to replace worn down Chromebooks, and businesses move to Windows 11. If recession in key markets drags on into next year, recovery could be a slog." For more, read the full IDC report. You could also check out the PC sector report by Canalys where they show Apple having fallen by 45%. 

Later this year Apple will be releasing new systems powered by their M3 processor which should boost Mac sales.

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