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Last Thursday, Patently Apple posted a report titled "A new Supply Chain report claims that Apple MacBooks will be made in Vietnam and Thailand as early as this year." The report noted that Apple is continuing to expand its manufacturing footprint outside of China, with the latest development being a possible shift to making MacBooks in Thailand. The report pointed to 3 unknown suppliers preparing and testing MacBook production in Thailand.

Today we're learning about one of the potential MacBook suppliers preparing to produce MacBooks in Thailand: Quanta.

The United Daily News in Taiwan reports that "Previously, the market had reported that Apple decided to move its MacBook OEM orders to Thailand in order to increase the proportion of 'non-made in mainland China.'

In this regard, reports have not disclosed which supplier won an order. Quanta has emphasized that setting up factories in Southeast Asia is a certain option, and the industry has judged that Quanta DA has set up a factory in Thailand, and the yield rate of the Thai factory is already quite good. Therefore, if the factory successfully expands its order intake, it will effectively assist operations."

In addition to the Thailand plant, "Quanta's board of directors have passed a resolution to invest a total of US$50 million (approx. NT$1.535 billion) to establish a Vietnamese subsidiary. It is believed that with the transfer of the four leading OEMs, more and more laptop supply chain operators will migrate.

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