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On Monday, Patently Apple posted a report titled "While Apple owns 90% of ARM-Based PC's today, Competitors are gearing up to adopt Qualcomm's ARM processors for PCs in 2024." With Microsoft racing ahead with Windows 12, a new CorePC based operating system that could take advantage of Qualcomm's next-gen ARM-base Oryon processors, it's no wonder that Intel wanted to counter this news witha development of their own about ARM based processors.

Today, Intel Corp stated that its chip contract manufacturing division will work with U.K.-based chip designer Arm Ltd to ensure that mobile phone chips and other products that use Arm’s technology can be made in Intel’s factories.

The partnership announced Wednesday is aimed at putting Intel on equal footing with TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the two companies that currently manufacture most of the world’s chips for mobile phones.

Once the biggest name in chips known as central processing units (CPUs), Intel has long seen its technological manufacturing edge blunted by rivals such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world leader in making chips for customers such as Apple Inc.

Intel’s turnaround strategy hinges in part on opening up its factories to other chip companies, particularly those in mobile phones. It has said firms such as Qualcomm Inc are planning to use its factories for future chip designs. Source

In December 2022, Apple's CEO attended and briefly spoke at TSMC's official Plant event. Cook stated that "Apple silicon unlocks a new level of performance for our users. And soon, many of these chips can be stamped 'Made in America.' The opening of TSMC's plant in Arizona marks a new era of advanced manufacturing in the U.S. — and we are proud to become the site’s largest customer."

That statement would seem to shut the door on Apple using an Intel plant for future AMD-based processors. However, as the saying goes 'never say never.'  In the case of an emergency shortage of chips due to something dramatic like China invading Taiwan, Intel could be called upon as part of a backup plan.

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