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China's Wingtech began Limited production of Apple's MacBook Air at their Kunming Facility

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In August 2022 Patently Apple posted a report titled "China's Wingtech is building a Massive new Facility Aimed at Shaking Up Apple's Supply Chain." Our report noted at the time that China's Wingtech's rise in the tech industry had been surprisingly rapid. Around a year ago they started as an Apple supplier a year after buying component maker O-Film Technology that Apple dumped due to using Uyghur slave labor. Since that time, the company has progressed to  making Apple's Mac Mini desktop computer and an older generation of MacBooks at its Kunming facility. Wingtech was also building a massive new complex to support production of Apple devices and plans to hire 15 to 20,000 workers for the project.

Today, China's IT Home is reporting that Wingtech's Kunming factory began mass production and assembly of Apple's MacBook Air notebooks at the end of 2022.

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Sources estimate that Apple ultimately intends to have Quanta make 55 percent of the MacBooks, with Foxconn 35 percent and Wingtech 10 percent. The report claims that more MacBook Air 13" production will funnel to the Kunming factory over time.

While there's no doubt that China's Wingtech could play a larger role in manufacturing MacBooks in the future, in the short to medium term, Quanta and other Apple MacBook suppliers will be shifting MacBook production to Vietnam and Thailand (reports 01 and 02).

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