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1 cover Digital Crown for XR Headset

In August 2022, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that related to their 'Digital Crown' possibly being a part of Apple's future AR/VR or MR headset. Our report noted that this version of the digital crown could be able to control a number of unique functions such as assisting a user to zoom in on an image, control volume, display brightness and more. The patent report was eight months ahead of the latest rumor from Bloomberg that states: "A key part of the product will be a dial — like the digital crown on the Apple Watch — that lets the wearer move between virtual and augmented reality." That's an interesting twist.

Beyond the Digital Crown, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reveals that Apple is racing to deliver a trove of software and services for it's first-gen XR Headset's 3D interface. Software that users are already familiar with on iOS such as Apple Music, the Safari web browser, photos, Apple TV, Books and FaceTime conferencing as just a few. A new camera app could be another interesting one.

Apple will instruct developers how to convert their current iOS/iPadOS+ apps for their headset at WWDC23 in June.  

Further, Gurman notes that "Apple is reportedly developing a version of its Freeform collaboration app for the headset, an effort that it sees as a major selling point for the product. The service, launched on the company’s other devices last year, will let users work on virtual whiteboards together while in mixed reality. FaceTime, meanwhile, will generate 3D versions of users in virtual meeting rooms."  

Apple patents have presented a number of interesting ideas/features/apps that could prevail over time like expanding a MacBook or iMac Display in Virtual Reality, use Continuity, take photos with a self-adjusting XR headset camera, edit 3D documents (Apple's Pages or MS Word) and much more.  

2 3d document editing

Gurman further notes that "Wearers will be able to operate the headset using eye and hand gestures. It can determine where people are looking and then users can pinch their fingers to select items and move through menus (01, 02 & more). The device will feature an in-air virtual keyboard but can also connect to an actual keyboard for improved productivity. For more, read the full Bloomberg report at Yahoo! Finance.

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