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A new report out of Ireland states that Apple saw profits at its main Irish subsidiary rise to $69.3 billion (€63.5 billion) last year. The figure is up 2 per cent on the previous year and means Cork-based Apple Operations International Ltd and its subsidiaries was delivering daily pretax profits of $189.87 million over the 12 months to September 24th, 2022.

Apple Operations International is registered at the company’s Holyhill campus in Cork and covers most of Apple’s non-US subsidiaries.

The company acts as a holding company for a number of Apple subsidiaries. It manufactures and develops everything from the company’s iPhone and iPad products to Mac computers.

The US tech giant employed 56,639 people in Apple Operations International and its subsidiaries last year – a 4,076 increase on the 52,563 employed in September 2021. Some 6,000 of those employees are based in Ireland.

Staff costs totaled $6.33 billion and that included share-based compensation of $1.39 billion. For more on this, read the full report by The Irish Times.

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