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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Contradicts Ross Young, Predicting 27" iMac is still in-the-works

10.0z22 cover (Ming-Chi Kuo)

It was reported yesterday by a number of Apple news sites including MacRumors that the rumored 27" iMac has been abandoned. MacRumors quoted Ross Young, CEO of Displays Chain Consultants. This morning, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has directly contradicted this rumor via a new tweet.

Kuo: Update on the rumored new 27" Apple display predictions:

  • It's slated for mass production in 2024 or early 2025, boasting all the features one would expect from a high-end monitor.
  • Utilizing mini-LED technology, and the most notable design change is to switch the material of the mini-LED backplane from the PCB found in current Apple products to glass.
  • The benefits of adopting a glass backplane include a thinner panel thickness, a narrower bezel, an extended product lifespan, etc.


10.X - Rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo


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