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Piper Sandler Companies is an American independent investment bank and financial services company. According to their latest teen survey regarding Generation Z, 87% of American teenagers interviewed said they currently own at least one iPhone while 88% of teens said that their next smartphone will be an iPhone.

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Apple iPhone: Apple's iPhone has increased in popularity with teens since 2014. The chart below illustrates that in 2014, about 67% of teens owned an iPhone and currently, the chart indicates it's about 87%. The report noted that in 2012, Apple's iPhone was only at 40% with teens.

(Click on image to Enlarge) 3 Piper chart  report on teens and iPhones

Apple Watch: The report states that 35 percent of US teens own an Apple Watch, a 4-point increase from last fall's survey. 15% of US teens said they would buy an Apple Watch in the next 6 months.

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The report also pointed out that while 29% of American teens currently own VR head-mounted display devices, only 14% of them use it weekly, and only 4% use it daily.

A total of 61 percent of teens who don't own a VR headset say they have no plans to buy one and 16% said they were somewhat interested and likely to buy. Source.

Apple's first generation XR Headset will be too expensive for most teens, unless Mom and Dad spring for one at Christmas. Though for volume sales to teens, Apple will eventually offer a more economical version like they do with most Apple devices over time.

A Couple of Tidbits of Interest

Apple Pay ranked No. 1 for payment apps used within the last month at 39%.

One statistic that Apple may not like is that 68% of teens have used Spotify for streaming services over the last 6 months, with 44% of them opting to subscribe/pay for Spotify services. Apple has no freemium tier to lure teens into the Apple Music ecosystem in the hope of converting them to full subscribers. Whether Apple will ever change their tune on that segment of the market is unknown at present, though they have said in the past that not paying artists isn't an option for them.

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