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Late this week Mark Gurman wrote about possible new Macs being tested including a 15" MacBook noted that would likely to be introduced at WWDC, though the processor may not be the M3. Today, Gurman appears to be more confident in his prediction, noting that MacBooks (plural) could be introduced at the WWDC23 event.

Gurman states today that "Apple Inc.’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June will be one of the most critical events in the company’s history — an opportunity to herald a post-iPhone era while also making its existing devices more attractive.

The mixed-reality headset will be the star of the show, but the annual conference will be packed with other products too. That includes new Mac laptops and the biggest update to the Apple Watch’s software since the first version was introduced in 2015, I’m told. At least some of the new laptops will be announced at WWDC.

Altogether, the company is planning to unveil:


The updated versions of iOS and iPadOS aren’t likely to offer major new features — unlike last year’s software, which ushered in a new lock screen. But they should satisfy a checklist of user requests with more minor improvements. I’m also not expecting major macOS or tvOS changes. The new Apple Watch operating system, however, will bring bigger enhancements, including an updated interface.

With the Reality headset, Apple is preparing for a future beyond the iPhone and iPad. I’m told the device will come with a clear story for developers — in terms of how they’ll want to use it — and much of the weeklong conference will showcase the headset’s on-board App Store and accompanying tools.

Moreover, the WWDC announcements should set the stage for hardware releases coming later:

  • The watchOS update will tell you most of what you need to know about the Apple Watch in 2023. That’s because hardware changes are expected to be minimal, so the operating system upgrade will be the focus.
  • Apple’s iPadOS 17 will lay the software groundwork for revamped iPad Pro models coming next year with OLED displays.
  • And iOS 17 will cause some noise beyond WWDC itself. Apple is working to overhaul the software to open up the iPhone to sideloading — the downloading of apps outside of its official store — to comply with new European regulations by next year.


Gurman adds that "Perhaps most importantly, the headset is just the beginning of Apple’s plans for mixed reality. The company is already working on two follow-up models: an updated high-end version that will offer more processing power and a downscale product that should help make the technology more accessible to ordinary consumers."

For other details, read the full Bloomberg report.  

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