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While Apple's initial XR Headset displays will be supplied by LG & Sony, Samsung is developing a new OLEDoS display with APS Holdings

1 cover Samsung - APS Holdings

In August 2022 Patently Apple reported that "Apple Suppliers Sony, LG & Samsung Displays are working on OLEDos and LEDos for future Apple Mixed Reality Headsets." OLEDoS display are expected to be used in Apple's first generation mixed reality headset set to debut in 2023. Sony and LG are to be Apple's initial suppliers of the next-generation of display, with Samsung possibly coming on board down the road. Last month we reported that the panel is characterized by OLED application to a silicon wafer and a very high resolution of 3,500 PPI for more realistic AR.

At present Sony and LG are ahead of Samsung who is now, according to The Elec, working with APS Holdings to develop a 3500ppi fine metal mask (FMM) that are used to manufacture 'OLED on Silicon' (OLEDoS) aimed at XR Headsets.

Samsung Display is developing an RGB OLEDoS. It is likely in talks with APS Holdings for a 3500ppi FMM collaboration as that is the resolution its potential customers want.

Apple had made such requests to both Samsung Display and LG Display in the past, initially asking its two display panel suppliers to develop a 2800ppi OLEDoS but increasing the resolution required to 3500ppi. 

APS Holdings uses a laser patterning method to make the holes on its FMM, unlike the widely used etching method. APS also reveals in a graphic on their site and presented below, that they've developed an ultra-high resolution of 4,000ppi FMM sheet and mask.


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