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Samsung to start OLED Display Production for the iPhone 15 a month earlier than originally scheduled


According to a new supply chain report this morning, Samsung Display is set to start manufacturing OLED panels for the iPhone 15 Series in May, a month earlier than initially planned reportedly due to BOE having display production issues for the iPhone 15.

The Elec reports that the OLED panel being planned for the standard model of iPhone 15 is similar to those used in iPhone 14 but now it has a hole at the top for the front camera and various sensors. BOE is facing light leak problems around the hole and has missed the chance to become one of the initial suppliers of the hole-display panels. Specifically, In hole-display, the light leaks directly from the hole as the areas within the hole are not probably covered.

Samsung Display was always slated to also supply the OLED panel for the standard model of iPhone 15 but will start production early of the panel in light of the Chinese display panel maker’s problems.

Meanwhile, LG Display will also start producing LTPO TFT OLED panels aimed at the higher-tier models of iPhone 15 in June.

Sources said the Chinese display panel maker is showing progress in solving the light leak issue, and could start supplying OLED panels for iPhone 15 within the year.

In our opinion, The Elec has long been pro Korean when it comes to display makers and has on a consistent basis found reason to place Chinese display maker BOE in a bad light. The fact is that BOE makes displays for most Chinese smartphone OEMs that include hole-display panels without issue. Below is just one example of the new Huawei Mate X3 with such a display.

2 Huawei Mate

Whether there's an actual issue with BOE's hole-display panels or a legal issue with Samsung holding BOE back is unknown at this time. Samsung filed a formal complaint with the US International Trade Commission to force repair shops to stop using replacement displays from Chinese display makers like  BOE.

Samsung was also in the news last week launching a new service to identify its OLED displays on smartphones. The new service is part of a legal strategy against Chinese OLED makers like BOE who are supplying 17 smartphone repair shops in the U.S. with displays that are replacing Samsung displays.

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