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Samsung Display is now developing an OLED Panel for a Future MacBook Air

1 cover Macbook Air

It's being reported this morning that Samsung Display has begun developing  an OLED display for the 13.3" Apple MacBook Air and will be the exclusive supplier. What's unknown at present is when the first OLED-based MacBook Air is planning to launch. Apple is reportedly developing the new displays for the iPad Pro initially followed by the MacBook Air.

Apple conducts a product development project for two years prior to mass production of finished products, but the mass production schedule for key parts, including panels, has not been specified.

All OLEDs for IT products, including the OLED iPad that Apple will release next year, apply so-called 'hybrid OLED' that applies thin film encapsulation (TFE) to a glass substrate. In addition, the iPad OLED to be released next year will apply the Two Stack Tandem method of stacking two light emitting layers, but the OLED for MacBook Air currently being developed by Samsung Display is likely to adopt the single stack method.

The Elec also noted in their report that while LG Display is currently developing both 11-inch and 13-inch iPad OLEDs that Apple plans to release next year, they lack production capacity to develop additional devices for Apple, such as the MacBook Air.

At present, Samsung Display is only developing a single 11-inch model out of two iPad OLED models to be released next year while developing the display for a future MacBook Air.

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