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During Apple's last Financial Conference Call, Tim Cook stated that for the quarter (calendar Q4 2022, Fiscal Q1 2023), iPad revenue grew 30% to a total of $9.4 billion.  Today we're learning that Apple grew it's Q4 2022 iPad Shipments in mainland Chain by close to 73% and took 35.4% Market Share as the Canalys chart below proves out.

(Click on Chart to Enlarge) 2 Canalys Q4 Tablet stats  China

For the full year, Apple maintained their lead in China with annual iPad shipment growth of 6.3% and 30.2% market share, the same as 2021.

(Click on Chart to Enlarge) 3 Canalys annual Tablet stats  China chart

The Canalys tablet charts were buried in a report that mainly focused on PC shipment in Mainland China where Apple didn't make the top 5 vendors list.

Overall PC shipments (desktop, notebook and workstations) ended 2022 declining by 26% with Lenovo being the runaway leader. This is in contrast with tablet shipments in Q4 which rose 39% to 7.5 million units, driven by new device launches from major vendors such as Apple with their next-gen iPad Pro and redesigned iPad.

Although Apple didn't crack the top 5 PC Vendor list in 2022, Canalys noted that "In the notebook segment, Apple's upcoming MacBook (2023) and its efforts to push into enterprises will enhance the MacOS market share with nearly 16% shipment growth expected in 2023."

(Click on Chart to Enlarge) 4 OS CHART

For more on PC Stats, review the full report by Canalys.  

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