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Apple's CEO began his China Tour at the 2023 China Development Forum and has since been visiting various Developers & Apple Stores

1 cover Tim Cook visits Chinese developer Mar 2023

Apple's CEO Tim Cook began his latest tour in China by attending the 2023 China Development Forum in Beijing over the weekend. Since then Cook has been visiting a number of Chinese companies and Apple Stores as his tweets on Weibo proved out.

This morning, Cook posted a picture on his Weibo, saying: "I am very happy to meet the creators behind the iPhone and iPad award-winning game "Yuan Shen" . Each creates an immersive fantasy world."

2 tim cook visits Chinese company

In the picture that Cook supplied we that he's talking with Liu Wei, the co-founder of "Big Viagra" Mihayou, and another company member as they present Cook with something to review on an iPad.

The general itinerary of Cook's China trip organized by IT House is as follows:

On the afternoon of March 24, Cook appeared in the Apple retail store in Sanlitun, Beijing.

On March 26, Cook met with the Apple China Central Place retail store team.

On March 27, Cook posted that he was very happy to spend a good time with the customers and team members of the Apple Wangfujing retail store.

On March 28, Cook flew from Beijing to Shanghai and went to the training base of swimming and triathlon disabled athlete Wang Jiachao. On Weibo, he posted a picture of playing Apple Watch with Wang Jiachao.

On March 29, Cook visited Wang Peiyu's Peking Opera studio "Yu Yinshe" in Hongkou, Shanghai, to enjoy Peking Opera and applaud the young actors in Chinese.

On March 30, Cook went to Mihayou's Shanghai headquarters to talk with the creator of "Yuan Shen".

To review a series of Tim Cook's Tweets on his various visits, review the IT House report.

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