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Analytical Research firm Counterpoint has released their quarterly Infographic, this time for Q4-22's Global Smartphone Market starting with a series of key points as follows:

  • The global smartphone market declined by 19% YoY to 302.64 million units in Q4 2022.
  • Apple replaced Samsung as the top smartphone player in Q4 2022, driven by the recent launch of the iPhone 14 series.
  • Samsung’s shipments declined by 16% YoY and 9% QoQ to 58.3 million.
  • Apple and OPPO were the only top-five smartphone brands to grow QoQ, with shipments increasing 42% and 4% respectively.
  • The 2022 annual global smartphone shipments declined by 12% to 1.2 billion units, the lowest since 2013.


Counterpoint's Infographics provide a great visual of instant facts and more importantly, regional statistics that could help us see Apple's strong and weak markets with room to grow.

(Click on Infographic Part 1 to Enlarge) 2 x Q4-2022-smartphone-1

Apple's strongest markets where they clearly are North America and Asia. In Europe, Apple and Samsung are almost neck-and-neck. In Latin America, Apple has a long way to catch up with Samsung that is the runaway winner. In the Middle East and Africa, Apple didn't even make the top five in Q4-22.

(Click on Infographic Part 2 to Enlarge) 3 Regional Breakdown


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