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1 cover iPad #1 in India  Q4 2022

A new analytical report this morning covers India's PC and Tablet Markets for Q4 2022 with Apple being the leader in tablets with a whopping 135.1% Year-over-Year growth. Apple's market share in 2021 was 13.7% and in 2022 it leaped to 34.7%. Apple's surge in Q4 2022 replaced Samsung as the tablet leader in India a year ago.

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The Canalys report provided a wide range of charts for Q4 and annual results in various categories. Beyond their tablet-only statiscal chart, Canalys interestingly published a statistical chart titled "India PC Shipments (including tablets) Q4 2022." In this realistic category, Apple managed to come in second place, edging out Lenovo, as noted in the chart below.

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Overall, Canalys states that their PC market (desktops, notebooks and tablets) suffered a 22% decline year-on-year. In Q4, HP declined 27.6%, Lenovo decreased 51% and Dell declined 41.1%. Apple stood out with 60.2% positive growth with their iPad shipments soaring as seen in the first chart.  

While Canalys anticipates that PC and tablet shipments in India will fall by 6% in 2023, to 18 million units, that may not be the case for Apple who is expanding manufacturing in India while opening up their first two retail stores this year. With flagship stores that offer premium training sessions and superior local service, this is bound to provide Apple with a boost in shipments for Q4 2023.

To review more competitor stats and other charts, review the full Canalys report.

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