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Due to Samsung's legal maneuvering, the prediction from Ming-Chi Kuo that China's BOE would overtake Samsung as the leading display supplier for the iPhone 16 isn't likely to materialize. Yet not all is lost, as a new report from Korea claims that BOE is expected to make up for that loss with supply Apple with OLED displays for their 2024 iPhone SE4.

The low-end iPhone SE 4, which will be released next year, is likely to be applied with OLED. Because the product uses components for legacy models, OLED prices are low, with Samsung and LG Display showing little interest in supplying low-end OLED displays.

The report from the Elec speculates that Apple, which generates 19% of its annual sales in China, also needs to pay attention to the Chinese government and allow BOE to be Apple's main supplier for lower-end OLED displays for the iPhone SE4.

More specifically, BOE is expected to supply 6.1-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) for the low-end iPhone SE4. The iPhone SE series has so far only been released as a liquid crystal display (LCD) model. Even a low-end OLED will be better than the previous model offering LCD.

The iPhone SE is designed to target emerging markets such as India and consumers who are new to the iPhone. For more, read the full report from The Elec.

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