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A new Survey points to Higher Brand Loyalty for the iPhone over Android, especially at Work

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When it comes to brand loyalty, especially in North America, Apple has the most loyal fan base of all. While the general public may prefer Android, the number one brand in smartphones is Apple hands down.

A new survey report by AddictiveTips asked and answered the questions of: how loyal are Americans to their smartphone brands? What demographics do these users fall under, how does it tie into their work life, and what might happen if another brand entered the scene?

To answer these questions, the Analytical firm 'AddictiveTips' surveyed over 1,000 Americans — half Android users, half iPhone users — about their preferred smartphones and how it affects their employment and work lives.

Key Takeaways

  • iPhone users (94%) are more likely than Android users (80%) to be loyal to their phone brand.
  • Managers are 33% more likely to be iPhone users, and most of them (63%) get along better with employees who use the same brand.
  • On average, iPhone users spent over 15 more days per year staring at their smartphone screens than Android users.
  • 60% of iPhone users would switch to Android if Twitter were removed from the App Store.


Brand Loyalty

How attached are Americans to their smartphone manufacturers and operating systems, how happy are they with their choices, and how likely are they to jump ship if given the chance?

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Apple has some very devoted followers. Of the people we surveyed, iPhone users were 18% more loyal to their device's brand than Android users. They were also more satisfied with their current phone; 72% of iPhone users reported being happy with it compared to 66% of Android users. AddictiveTips surmizes that perhaps this is due to Apple's suite of devices that are designed to work together seamlessly.

Job Impacts

AddictiveTips further established that iPhones garner the most brand loyalty. Yet, (what does the split between iPhone and Android look like in the workplace, and how might it impact relationships there?

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There's a lot more to this report and you could check it out here. One last odd statistic in the report pointed to over 80% of iPhone and Android users said that they would likely buy a smartphone from Elon Musk.

While I like Elon Musk, the statistics just don't seem to ring right. Do you agree or disagree with the level of loyalty to a theoretical smartphone from Elon Musk? Send in your comments below or on our Twitter feed.

Side Note: While AddictiveTips has been described as a "market research agency" online, they're website suggests that they're simply a tips site for macOS, Window and Linux. They're style of writing in their report on brand loyalty would support that.

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