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A new Analytical Report reveals that iPhone owners Trade-in their iPhones more than 3X Android Smartphone owners do

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Today a new analytical report that looked at how users dispose of their old smartphones. Surveys show that iPhone owners and Android owners handle their old phones very differently when they buy a new one. The report posted by CIRP included the following six processing methods:

  • Trade-in
  • Sell
  • Reserve
  • Gift to Relatives and/or Friends
  • Lost/Stolen/Damaged
  • Recycle


The results showed that a total of 50% of iPhone users chose to trade in or sell their old phone, while 23% chose to keep the old phone and 13% chose to give it to a relative or friend. Only 14% of Android users chose to trade in their smartphone, as the chart below proves out.

(Click on Chart to Enlarge) 2 CIRP RESEARCH CHART

Another survey detail revealed that 15% of new iPhone buyers are Android switchers. According to the analysis of their researchers, it may be because the low trade-in value of Android phones makes this option less attractive. Also, there may be some users switching from Android to iPhone who want to keep a familiar backup device in case they fail to bring all their contacts, photos or notes to their new iOS device.

For details about Apple's Trade-In program, visit Apple's website here.

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