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A new Analytical Report found that Men Prefer the beefier iPhone Pro models compared to Women

1 cover men vs women

A newly published analytical report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) revealed that male customers are more likely to own iPhone Pro and Pro Max models.

Among males, 41% who purchased a new iPhone in 2022 own either the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max or 14 Pro / Pro Max, compared to 33% of females, as the data is presented in the chart below.

(Click on Chart to Enlarge)2 CIRP CHART

CIRP noted in their report that "We find subtle and yet meaningful iPhone ownership differences between men and women. To the extent that there is fashion in the smartphone market, gender differences in model preferences should not surprise us. In short, male customers tend to buy more expensive, premium iPhones." Source

Sheesh, now I have that Matcho Man tune from the Village People playing in my head.

For the record, CIRP research focused their study on males vs females, with no data on those in the pronoun category referred to as "They//Them/Theirs.

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