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A Massive Enthusiastic Crowd Jammed the new Apple Gangnam Store in the Heart of Samsung's Home Turf

1 Cover - Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-line-outside(Click on photo to Greatly Enlarge)

Today, Apple Gangnam opened in the heart of Seoul’s bustling, world-famous Gangnam District. This new space invites customers to discover Apple’s incredible lineup of products and services, and receive best-in-class support from highly knowledgeable specialists.

Customers can also participate in free Today at Apple sessions, including a limited-time Pop-Up Studio Spatial Audio listening experience featuring K-pop group, NewJeans, from ADOR. Participants are able to register here.

How can you not love Apple Fans in the heart of Samsung's Home Turf? Below are photos of enthusiastic Apple Fans in Seoul's new Apple Store checking out Apple devices.

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3 Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-SVP-Deirdre-OBrien 4. Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day

5. Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-interior

6 Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customer-Watch-band-purchase
7 Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-Apple-Watch-help

9A Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customer-purchase
9B - Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customers-with-iPhone-14
9C - Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customers-wearing-Airpods-Max

9D Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customer-with-Apple-Pencil

9E - Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-customer-with-Mac-Studio

9F - - Apple-Gangnam-S-Korea-opening-day-DJ-Vakki

Above is multitalented artist and DJ Vakki performing at Apple Gangnam.

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