BOE is Determined to break the Samsung-LG Display Monopoly on OLED Displays for Future Apple Devices
An Apple Supplier from Finland plans to rapidly expand its operations and workforce in India to keep up with Apple's plans for that country

Meta is collaborating with LG Display & SK Hynix to develop a higher end display that could match or exceed Apple's upcoming HMD with 4K displays

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Apple's first Mixed Reality Headset that's expected to roll out later this year will be a high-end device with a high-end display. This development has apparently pushed Meta to collaborate with both South Korean component makers SK Hynix and LG Display to develop a high-end MicroOLED display for a future headset. Meta can't afford to have Apple's headset win out on display quality and so the pressure is on.

According to The Elec, Meta recently signed a collaboration agreement with South Korean memory chipmaker SK Hynix for the development and production of MicroOLED.

SK Hynix is also close to signing an agreement with Meta, sources said. LG Display already has such an agreement signed with the social media giant, they said.

Their alliance will see Meta design the needed chip; SK Hynix will produce the wafer for the chips; and LG Display will handle the final step where the OLED is deposited on the wafer and then cut to be a MicroOLED panel.

MicroOLED panels are OLED panels cut out of silicon wafers instead of glass or plastic substrates. This allows them to be thinner and smaller while having ultra-high definition resolution, making them optimal for application in mixed reality (XR) devices, an area Meta is planning to expand on. For more details, read the full report by The Elec.

It's been rumored that Apple's HMD will initially offer 4K displays which equals 2,160 pixels tall and 3,840 pixels wide. Apple patents point to future 8K foveated displays. The current Meta Quest Pro Infinite Display offers 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye. So it's clear that Meta wants to be able to match or exceed Apple's upcoming 4K display quality.

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