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Analytical Report Indicates that 67% of U.S. iPhone owners prefer to purchase their smartphones through Carrier Channels

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A new Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report points out that Apple users in the United States prefer to purchase iPhone products through carrier channels.

The report mainly studies the channels from which Apple consumers in the United States purchase Apple products. The report pointed out that on the iPhone, 67% of US Apple users purchased through carrier channels; 25% of US Apple users purchased through Apple Store retail channels.

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CIRP claims that purchasing iPhone products through carrier channels is mainly due to their bundled sales methods. Operators will sell iPhones with call packages and provide discounts such as installment payments and monthly guaranteed purchases to enjoy discounts on purchases.

On iPad and Mac, American Apple users are more inclined to purchase through the Apple Store channel, accounting for 29% and 39% respectively.

For all its power as a manufacturer, Apple still relies on other companies to sell its products. For example, the company needs mobile operators to provide iPhone sales and mobile services, and Amazon and Best Buy are also important partners for Mac and iPad sales in the U.S.


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