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A new Analytical Report reveals that Apple took Close to 60% of Smartwatch Revenue in 2022, and more

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Today, two analytical reports were published regarding statistics for smartwatches in 2022. The first covers statistics for Q4 2022 while the second report covers revenue generated for smartphones in 2022.  

The first Counterpoint report highlights key points about the Global Smartwatch Shipments Market Share for Q4 22.

  • The global smartwatch market contracted by 2% YoY despite the growth of Apple by 11% YoY in Q4 2022.
  • NAM and India were the only regions that showed a YoY growth, with good performance from Apple and India brands from the respective region. However, Android brands underperformed in the quarter during the unfavorable market environment.
  • HLOS and Basic smartwatches grew 3% and 10% YoY, respectively. Kids and Hybrid/Digital types declined by 44% and 24% YoY, respectively.


(Click on chart to Enlarge) 2 Counterpoint chart  smartwatch stats

The second Counterpoint report covers Global Smartwatch Model Shipment and Revenue for Q4-22.

Research Analyst Woojin Son: "Apple strongly drove the average selling price (ASP) rise in the global smartwatch market in 2022, especially in the >$400 price band. There are two main reasons for this ASP rise – a diversified Apple smartwatch line-up and a rise in the exchange rate. This year, Apple released its first premium model, Ultra, at a release price of $799 in the US. In addition, as the exchange rate rose, the local price of Apple Watch in various countries changed. The demand for the premium segment remained relatively strong despite the decline in consumer sentiment at the end of 2022.

(Click on chart to Enlarge) 3 x counterpoint chart

In 2022, Apple’s shipments increased 17% YoY as the Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE 2022 enjoyed strong sales. In addition, annual shipments increased by 50 million for the first time, accounting for about 60% of the global smartwatch market revenue and further widening the gap with No. 2 Samsung.

Samsung’s yearly shipments increased by about 12% to account for about 10% of global smartwatch shipments. However, revenue only increased by 0.5%, which seems to be largely due to a slight drop in the ASP compared to the previous year, although sales of the newly released Galaxy Watch 5 series this year were positive.

In terms of regions, North America recovered as the largest smartwatch market in Q4 2022, which also allowed it to remain in first place for a full year again. The region showed a significant increase in shipments driven by the strong performance of Apple in the fourth quarter. However, North America’s share decreased slightly as India emerged as another core region in 2022.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, China’s shipments rebounded for the first time in the year as the COVID-zero policy was eased and Apple received a great response to its more diverse line-up compared to the preceding series.

(Click on chart to Enlarge) 4 counterpoint report chart

4 counterpoint report chart





If Apple is able to [i.e. WHEN] incorporates new medical tools it might increase it's market share.

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