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Samsung to Unveil their First Galaxy Notebook with an OLED Touch Display at their Unpacked Event in February

1 AA OLED laptop(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge

Samsung Display revealed that the first notebook with OLED Touch Displays will be unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event scheduled for February 01, well ahead of Apple's MacBooks adopting such displays that are reportedly aimed for 2024. The news that Apple could also introduce touch displays on Macs surfaced on January 11th.

ZNET reported that today Samsung Display revealed it is beginning mass production of OLED panels that integrate the touch feature directly onto the panel, aimed at notebooks.

The panels with OCTA, or on-cell touch AMOLED, technology, will first feature on Samsung Electronics' high-end, 2023-model Galaxy Book notebooks, the South Korean display panel maker said.

The display panel maker said its panels with OCTA technology will come in 16:10 ratio, 120Hz refresh rate, and support 3K resolution.

OCTA uses touch sensors that are directly inside the panel to achieve the touch screen feature. This allows the panel to be thinner than having a separate touch screen panel film for the same feature. For more, read the full ZDNET report.

2 x Samsung Display  OLED notebooks(Click on image to Greatly Enlarge)

To get a general overview of the benefits of an OLED display for notebooks, check out Samsung Display's technical page here.

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