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While Apple's first Mixed Reality (MR) Headset appears to be on course for its debut later this year, a new rumor claims that Apple has decided to put their AR Glasses project on hold. The decision isn't a big surprise considering that the technology to miniaturize components sufficiently for lightweight glasses is still years away.  Shifting product priorities is a common business practice. 

Bloomberg reported last night that Apple has put their AR Glasses project on hold. The company has decided to first push harder into the headset business and is now working on a more aggressively priced MR Headset to reach more consumers and compete harder against Meta.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman notes that "Apple is aiming to lower the price of the follow-up mixed-reality device by using chips on par with those in the iPhone rather than components found in higher-end Mac computers. The company will be competing with Meta’s mixed-reality headset, which costs $1,500. That’s a price Apple may strive to get closer to with its lower-end model.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset will use displays to create an all-encompassing VR environment and pass-through cameras to mimic an AR effect. That’s a lot less complicated than the technology needed to make an AR-only device that looks similar to normal glasses.

Apple ultimately sees less-bulky AR glasses as a product that could replace the iPhone by moving the smartphone’s main functions to a wearer’s field of view. Such a device could let users see incoming notifications, get map directions, make and take phone calls, or snap photos right from their face. Though finding the right chips, batteries, software and manufacturing to create a lightweight product that can last all day isn’t on the horizon yet. For more, read the full Bloomberg report.

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