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1 cover iPad wins in China Q3 22 report


In a new analytical report this morning we learn that Apple held onto first place in the tablet space in China in Q3-22 while growing 7% Year-over-Year. It seems to be a new trend with certain analytical companies to not breakdown statistics by brand. In this case, it's as if they're tired of reporting that Apple is the hands down leader in China when it comes to tablet shipments.


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2 Apple's iPad led in China in Q3-22


Meanwhile, PC demand faltered as overall shipments fell 13% year on year, with the commercial segment down 17%. Consumer demand for PCs also remained weak, with shipments falling by 10%. “The PC market is unlikely to see growth in Q4 2022 or early 2023, given China’s current fragile macroeconomic situation,” said Canalys Analyst Emma Xu.


While Apple continues to do exceedingly well in China in respect to iPhones and iPads, they failed to once again to crack the top five PC OEMs. See the full Canalys report for more.


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