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Twitter is developing a new app that will allow users to uncover if they've been 'Shadowbanned' in the past and how to appeal the matter

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Elon Musk announced yesterday that Twitter is currently working on a software update that will give you access to a tool that can clearly show whether you've been 'shadowbanned.' The term means different things for different platforms, but being shadowbanned typically makes your posts invisible to other users or makes your profile hard to find without your knowledge. Musk says the upcoming tool will also explain the reason why you've been shadowbanned and will give you instructions on how to submit an appeal.



Musk didn't talk about how Twitter will be implementing the feature, but he made the announcement shortly after Bari Weiss released part two of The Twitter Files. In the thread, Weiss said that Twitter used "Visibility Filtering," which is apparently just another term for shadowbanning, on some conservative personalities. For more, read the full Engadget report.


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