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TSMC's new 2nm Plants may Slightly Delay production until late 2024 at the earliest or slip into 2025


While TSMC's 3nm processors are expected to be on time for Apple devices in 2023, including the iPhone 15, their 2nm processors may experience a slight delay to between Q4 2024 and sometime in 2025.

According to a new United Daily News (UDN) report, "The China Science and Technology Administration revealed yesterday that due to the delay in the review of the urban planning of the Taichung City Government and the fact that the new director of the Metropolitan Development Bureau has not yet taken office, the schedule for obtaining the land for the next generation 2nm Zhongke new factory of TSMC may be delayed.

Yet despite obvious delays for the land for the 2nm plant, TSMC emphasized yesterday at a special 3nm chip event, that the current 2nm process mass production schedule has not changed.

The second-phase expansion plan of Zhongke Taichung Park passed the review of the environmental assessment team on the 5th of this month. The Zhongke Administration originally planned to hand over the land for TSMC to build a new 2nm plant in May next year; TSMC planned two phases and four fabs , to start construction next year, and the first 2nm process can be put into production by the end of 2024 at the earliest, with a total investment of 800 billion to 1 trillion yuan (US$143+Billion).

According to TSMC, compared with N3E, the 2nm process will increase the speed by 10% to 15% at the same power, or reduce the power consumption by 25% to 30% at the same speed. As for the more advanced 1nm process, TSMC has not yet announced the overproduction schedule. For more on this, read the full UDN report.

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