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On November 15, Patently Apple reported on the news that Apple had revealed in a meeting in Germany that Apple would be using a chip from TSMC's plant in Arizona in 2024. Then on November 21, we reported that "The founder and former CEO of TSMC, Zhang Zhongmou (Morris Chang), confirmed that the plan for the 3nm factory in Arizona will continue after the first phase of 5nm" that begins in 2024. Today, a new report is claiming that Apple will be using a 4nm chip from the Arizona plant.


According to a new Bloomberg report, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. will offer advanced 4-nanometer chips when its new $12 billion plant in Arizona opens in 2024, an upgrade from its previous public statements, after US customers such as Apple Inc. pushed the company to do so.


Bloomberg added that "In addition to Apple, TSMC customers like Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Nvidia Corp. have asked the Taiwanese company to make more sophisticated chips at the Arizona plant."


It's rumored that TSMC will announce their new chip plan when President Joe Biden and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo visit Phoenix for a ceremony next Tuesday. AMD CEO Lisa Su and Nvidia head Jensen Huang are expected to attend that event.


The TSMC factory had been slated to make 5-nanometer semiconductors, a standard that will be far from the cutting edge by 2024. The Taiwanese company also will commit to adding a second nearby plant, which will make even more advanced, 3-nanometer chips, they said.


While TSMC’s customers have asked the company to roll out its latest technologies simultaneously in the US and Taiwan, TSMC has not committed to that approach. Company officials has said that they intend to keep the latest technology at home in their plants in Taiwan. For more, read the full Bloomberg report.


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