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On December 16, Patently Apple posted a report titled "While the iPhone 14 Car Crash Emergency service saved car crash victims this week, false calls are costing Emergency Services Big Bucks." Apple's new Crash Detection is saving lives but the amount of false calls are mounting disproportionately. It's being reported today that 71 false alarms on Apple devices were triggered by skiers in Colorado alone in the last weekend.  

since the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 launched the "Car Accident Detection" feature in September this year, 911 and emergency dispatchers across the United States have received a large number of false alarms. 911 rescue teams in Summit County, Colorado, received 71 false calls from four ski resorts over the weekend, all caused by skiers accidentally triggering the "car accident detection" function, which made rescuers miserable.

The report further noted that many Americans choose skiing for relaxation during the Christmas holidays, so Grand County, Eagle County, Pitkin County and Routt County's 12 skiing resorts, including Summit County and Summit County, received a high number of false positives for "car accident detection" due to skiing.

Local dispatchers were struggling to deal with a flood of false alarms from skiers, tying up emergency response resources. When a 911 call comes in, each call is processed in the order in which it arrives, so an automated call from a skier's cell phone could delay the response to a 911 call with a real emergency.

911 dispatchers aren’t trained to ignore calls, which means even accidental calls caused by the iPhone 14’s features must be dealt with and allocated resources, says Trina Dummer, interim director of the Summit County 911 Center: “These calls From the dispatcher to the deputy to the ski patrol takes up a lot of resources."

At some point in time we're bound to see a lawsuit against Apple emerge over this issue forcing Apple to stop the service until the software has been reset for skiers, where most of the false alarms are stemming from.  

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