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In a new round of Tweets last night, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated the following:

"My latest survey indicates that Apple will likely cancel or postpone the mass production plan for the 2024 iPhone SE 4. I think this is due to the consistently lower-than-expected shipments of mid-to-low-end iPhones (e.g., SE 3, 13 mini, and 14 Plus), as well as concerns that the full-screen design of the SE 4 will lead to an increase in higher costs/selling prices. As a result, Apple may need to reconsider the product positioning and return on investment for the SE 4.

Additionally, reducing unnecessary new product development expenses will also help the company navigate the challenges of the global economic recession in 2023."

It had been rumored earlier this year that the 2024 iPhone SE would take on the appearance of Apple's iPhone XR.

Kuo has been on a negative Tweet binge of late. Kuo began the week by stating that "There seems no reason to be optimistic about all major tech sectors in 2023 as well. My latest survey indicates almost all major tech sectors are heading the worst. Apple is weaker than consensus, and fundamental of electric vehicles & server are not as solid as market expects."

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