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Indian Smartwatch Brand Pebble has Launched an Apple Watch Ultra Copycat Design

1 cover Pebble Watch India

It would be surprising if Apple Legal let the new Indian brand Pebble get away with their latest copycat design of the Apple Watch Ultra. Patently Apple posted a design patent report on December 03 wherein Apple was granted a whopping 25 design patents for the Apple Watch Ultra in Hong Kong. One set of images are presented below. It's unknown at this time if Apple has filed for design patents in other countries and whether their current design patents would hold up in an Indian court. This is unlikely to be the last device design that will copied in India, so this issue has to be addressed by Apple Legal sooner rather than later.

2x Apple Watch Ultra granted 25 design patents in Hong Kong in early Dec 2022

The new Pebble Cosmos Engage is an in-your-face copycat cat design that sells for ₹2 999.00 or US$36 which seems like a mistake or even a joke – but that's the advertised price on the Indian website.

(Click on image to Enlarge) 3 Pebble's Apple Watch ripoff

Of course the specifications can't match those of Apple. For instance, Apple uses titanium for the watch case whereas Pebble's watch uses a zinc alloy. The brightness of the Pebble watch display is 600Nits whereas the Apple Watch Ultra delivers 2000 nits at its peak and so forth. Yet for US$36 it's quite the copycat that includes similar user interfaces.

You could check out more about the Pebble watch and its features here. News of this copycat watch was first discovered by MacRumors.

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