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In Q3 2022, Apple did Exceedingly Well in the Indian PC and Tablet Market Segments with High Double Digit Growth

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It's being reported today that following eight consecutive quarters of growth, the Indian PC market (desktops, notebooks and tablets) suffered a downturn. Shipments fell 4% year on year to 5.1 million units. As the largest category by volume, notebook shipments caused the overall market decline, decreasing sharply by 21%. Desktop and tablet shipments saw significant annual growth, up 36% to 766,000 units and 24% to 1.5 million units respectively in Q3. 

Yet in this sea of negativity, Apple glaringly stood out at 61.1% annual growth, edging out Dell for fourth spot due to Apple's strength with backlogged MacBooks. PC OEMs Lenovo, HP and Dell fell by double digits for the third quarter as the chart from Canalys proves out.

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For Q3 2022, in the Indian tablet-only market, Apple delivered 70.6% annual growth and growing their market share from 12.4% in 2021 to 17.1% in 2022. Apple's promotional activity helped to drive sales in the quarter.  

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For more statistics on Apple's competitors, review the full Canalys report.

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