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If you don't happen to like that Gifted Apple Device that you got for Christmas, there's Good News, Apple has the best Return Policy


Sky News Weekend Edition in Australia reviewed return policies for gifts you didn't like or had a problem with. Matrix Tech Editor Djuro Sen says you "can’t beat Apple" on electronics return policies.

The usual return policy is a 14 day window to return a product. Though gifts purchased from November 4 to Christmas day can be returned up until January 8.

On a personal note, I bought a new Apple TV 4K on November 19 for the Holidays. We used it early and found it to be an utter disaster. It was freezing, every command had a delay in execution, shows froze out of nowhere and eventually killed my TV's audio. I had to buy a new TV. I tried it again on my new Sony Bravia TV and within hours it was freezing shows again. I removed it immediately to make sure it wouldn't damage my new TV. My old Apple TV with ethernet still works like a charm. The new Apple TV 4K didn't come with ethernet. I never thought that ethernet would make such a difference.  

2 Apple TV 4K

Considering that I had purchased it on November 19 and only returned it this past Friday, I didn't believe that I had a prayer in returning it. I was really angry at how bad this device was and the hassle it caused, including being forced to purchase a new TV.

I walked into the store prepared for a big argument and a disappointing conclusion. Instead, Apple refunded me without a single question, hassle or argument. I was stunned, to be honest. But now that I know that Apple has an extended holiday shopping return policy, I have to admit that it can't be beat! – and  it couldn't have happened at a better time.

So if you don't like that Apple device you got for Christmas, don't hesitate to take advantage of Apple's extended holiday return policy.

Apple's official US Holiday Return Policy could be read here. In Canada the policy could be found here. If you live outside of North America, be sure to check your local store to ensure that the extended holiday refund policy applies in your area.

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