Apple won a patent for a Gyroscopic Precession Engine for an HMD that will deliver superior immersive media content for Movies and Games
Apple won 42 Patents today including one for VR Apple Developers relating to Improved Pathfinding for Virtual Agents

Apple TV+ is now Offered on Canada's Shaw Cable without the need of an Apple TV Device and could be soon coming to Android Devices

1 Apple TV+ on Cable TV(Click on image to Enlarge)

Canada's Shaw Cable is now offering Apple TV+ on their cable service without the need of an Apple TV device. Shaw is offering their customer base Apple TV+ for 3 months free. With their Voice Remote button on Shaw's TV remote, a user simply has to press the button and say "Try Apple TV+" to begin their 3 month offer.

Interesting enough, Shaw's support page notes that it's Apple that will bill the customer after the 3 month trial, not Shaw.

Is Apple out to kill the Apple TV device?  Perhaps, as this morning rumor entity known as ShrimpApplePro claims Apple TV+ for Android is in beta testing and will soon be released.

Apple should not have introduced a new Apple TV 4K model knowing that they were going to start working with cable company boxes. If you're a Shaw Cable customer, for example, and just purchased a new Apple TV 4K device, you just bought an expensive door stopper courtesy of Apple Inc.

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