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Apple Supplier TSMC will hold a 3nm Chip Mass Production and Factory Expansion Ceremony in Taiwan this Thursday


TSMC will hold a 3nm mass production and plant expansion ceremony on the 29th. It is rare to use practical actions to declare its determination to continue to cultivate Taiwan and resolve external doubts.

TSMC issued an activity notice, and it is expected that on December 29th, a 3nm mass production and factory expansion ceremony will be held at the new engineering base of Wafer 18 in Tainan Science Park, and there will be a beam-raising ceremony, according to Taiwan's United Daily News.

TSMC President Wei Zhejia said at this year's TSMC Taiwan Technology Forum that the development of 3nm technology is very difficult, and many customers are actively cooperating. Look good, be practical, and help customers to make the product continue to advance.

Compared with 5nm, the logic density of TSMC's 3nm process technology will increase by 70%, the speed will increase by 10% to 15% at the same power consumption, and the power consumption will be reduced by 25% to 30% at the same speed.

Regarding the doubts about "de-Taiwanization" and hollowing out Taiwan caused by investing in the United States, Wei Zhejia responded that this will not happen as the semiconductor industry uses brain power, and there is a shortage of engineers in most countries.

Apple is to use TSMC's 3nm chip in the iPhone 15 and rumors claim that Apple's M3 processor will be based on 3nm as well. 

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