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Apple has Invested US$100 Billion in their Japanese Supply Chain over the last 5-Years and yesterday Apple's CEO visited the Sony Facility+

1 cover Cook at Sony plant

Click on image to Greatly Enlarge – Apple's CEO at Sony's camera Facility

Apple announced on Tuesday that it has improved its supply chain channels in Japan over the past five years. The investment has exceeded 100 billion US dollars.

Cook said in a tweet on Monday that he visited Kumamoto Prefecture in southwestern Japan, where many semiconductor and leading technology company factories are located, including the factory under construction by TSMC.

Apple said in a statement that since 2019, it has increased spending with suppliers in Japan by more than 30%, and its supply chain network covers nearly 1,000 companies ranging from multinational corporations to family-owned businesses.

Apple said Sony Group is one of its largest suppliers of camera sensors for iPhones in Japan, while citing small and medium-sized businesses including textile company Inoue Ribbon Industry Co and mold maker Shincron Co.

Apple said 29 Japanese suppliers, including Sony, Murata Manufacturing Co, Keiwa Inc, Fujikura and Sumitomo Electric Industries, have pledged to shift Apple-related operations to use renewable energy by 2030. Below are a series of Tweets that Apple's CEO sent out yesterday.

Tweets from Apple's CEO Tim Cook


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