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Apple has been sued by a Singapore company claiming that the iPhone and Apple Watch Infringe on 6 of their Geolocation Service Patents

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Apple has been sued by Geoscope Technologies Pte. Ltd, a company organized under the laws of Singapore and registered to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The company owns six patents relating to the field of geolocation services for mobile devices. The company claims that Apple's mobile devices, especially the iPhone and Apple Watch infringe on their acquired intellectual property. The lawsuit mentions that the original inventors of the six patents will testify at trial.


Location-based services are software services that utilize geographic data to provide information to a user, or perform another function for a user, based on the user’s location. Location-based services include, inter alia, maps, navigation services (e.g., driving directions), local search (e.g., looking for nearby restaurants), social networking, targeted advertising, and more.


The complaint reads that "Apple has recognized and touted the importance and benefits of location-based services. For example, an Apple website describing Apple’s location-based services states: “Location Services allows Apple and third-party apps and websites to gather and use information based on the current location of your iPhone or Apple Watch to provide a variety of location-based services. For example, an app might use your location data and location search query to help you find nearby coffee shops or theaters, or your device may set its time zone automatically based on your current location."


The company specifically points to Apple's iPhone and Apple Watch as two of the devices that are using location-based services that infringe on Geoscope Technologies patents.


Below are patents listed in the Six-Count Lawsuit:


7,561,104: Method To Modify Calibration Data Used To Locate A Mobile Unit

8,400,358: Method To Modify Calibration Data Used To Locate A Mobile Unit

8,786,494: Method To Modify Calibration Data Used To Locate A Mobile Unit

8,406,753: System And Method For Generating A Location Estimate Using Uniform And Non-uniform Grid Points

9,097,784: System And Method To Collect And Modify Calibration Data

8,320,264: Method And Apparatus For Determining Path Loss By Active Signal Detection


For details about this highly technical lawsuit, read the Plaintiff's full complaint filed with the court in the SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


Geoscope Technologies PTE. Ltd v. Apple Inc Patent Infringement by Jack Purcher on Scribd

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