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A new Supply Chain Rumor describes Apple working on a Foldable Device with an estimated 20-Inch Display

1 cover Apple Foldable tablet


On November 4, Patently Apple posted a report titled "In Hyping Foldable Devices in a Meeting with their Suppliers, Samsung claimed that Apple would be entering the 'Foldables' market in 2024." This morning, a Korean rumor report claims that Apple has initiated a foldable device project using a 20"+ display.


According to sources, it was found that Apple is working on a foldable product project in the 20-inch size range with major domestic parts makers. The display for this hybrid device would be in the 20"+ range when fully unfolded. The forecast for commercialization could be in the 2026-2027 time frame.


The report further noted that "In that the screen size is in the early 20 inches when unfolded, it is highly likely that this project product will be in a form close to a MacBook (laptop).  For more, read the full report by The Elec.


The timing of such a foldable hybrid device is really in the air at present. Considering that Samsung Display hinted in November that Apple would likely enter this foldable hybrid device market in 2024, the dates given by The Elec are obviously not in stone.


On November 30th, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft is working hard to out-innovate Apple in the Hopes of Finding a Home Run Device that could finally challenge Apple's PC Business." In that report we pointed to Microsoft, Intel and Samsung having revealed their 2020 Project Horseshoe relating to the development of 17" foldable tablet-notebook hybrid. Our report also included an Engadget review of Lenovo's 'ThinkPad X1 Fold' which could be a tablet-notebook hybrid or a mini-desktop depending how the device is used.


Our November report also included a new foldable tablet device patent from Microsoft. On the flipside, Patently Apple posted two patent reports on November 24 covering self-healing foldable tablet displays and a unique lighting system for foldable displays. Our cover graphic is from the latter patent report.


You could find more foldable device patents from Apple in our special archive. Foldable tablets could be one of the next big tech trends coming our way in the next few years.


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