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In October, Google introduced the Pixel 7 Pro with an amazing new 30X zoom capability that delivered quality images. There are many realworld example video that you could check out here. Apple is rumored to be finalizing a periscope lens for the iPhone 15 that may be able to compete with the Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung's Galaxy S22's zoom capabilities. Cameras have become a major component of any new smartphone and Xiaomi just released their latest "concept" smartphone they've been working on with Germany's famed Leica Camera company.


Xiaomi Weibo message: #Xiaomi 12SUltra concept machine #, the "hidden project" in Xiaomi Labs for the first time to install the Leica camera lens on the mobile phone for the first time to challenge the limit of 1-inch image quality. This is not a wild toy but a real fusion product with dual personality. A high-powered imaging flagship mobile phone is equipped with a lens, and the Weibo video of Xiaomi mobile phone, a professional imaging device with a sudden change in ability."


For serious camera buffs, the ability to add a new pro lens, as presented in their teaser video below, could be the start of a new trend in the industry.


Sony tried this many years ago and failed to make it stick. Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone vendors in China that sells well in Europe. They just might have the marketing clout and large enough fan base to make the Pro smartphone camera lens concept appealing for premium buyers. You could check more specifications in the GSMArena report here.


2 x - Large xiaomi marketing image of concept phone


Would Pro iPhone users like to see this option made available in the future? Send in your comments below or post them on Patently Apple's Twitter feed.


In February 2021, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Xiaomi Introduces yet another concept smartphone video, this time with a Quad-Curved Display, No Buttons & No Ports." One of their promotional videos is presented below promoting the wraparound display.


While Xiaomi reportedly made a few hundreds of these concept phones to prove that they were capable of making such a phone, it was never released to the general public. It was primarily a marketing ploy to give the public the appearance that Xiaomi was an innovative company. Will Xiaomi's latest concept phone with a Leica camera system prove to be the same thing? Only time will tell.


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