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It's being reported today that the Tata Group plans to recruit a large number of workers at its iPhone factory in southern India to further expand its local iPhone foundry business in order to obtain more orders from Apple.


It is reported that the plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India, is preparing to recruit as many as 45,000 female workers within 18 to 24 months to further meet the demand for new production lines. The factory, which is said to cover more than 500 acres and assemble iPhone cases , currently employs about 10,000 workers, most of them women.


India's Tata Group is one of the beneficiaries of the diversification of Apple's supply chain. Although only a small part of the iPhone and its components are made in India, with the transfer of Apple's supply chain, India's foundry status will gradually improve.


In addition, an increase in local component manufacturing will also help India penetrate further into the technology supply chain. Source.


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