A new Rumor claims that the iPhone 15 may use a Titanium Chassis
Apple has reportedly suspended their relationship with China's Yangtze Memory Technologies and may add Samsung as a Fourth Supplier

Founder and Former CEO of TSMC confirms that their new Arizona Plant that begins production in 2024 will produce 3nm over time

1 cover TSMC arizona plant rendering


It's being reported today by Taiwan's United Daily News that "The founder and former CEO of TSMC, Zhang Zhongmou (Morris Chang), confirmed that the plan for the 3nm factory in Arizona will continue after the first phase of 5nm. In the long run, it is not ruled out that more semiconductor companies will follow TSMC to overseas construction in the future, and it is worth noting whether domestic investment projects such as Taiwan's semiconductor equipment will decline as a result.


Cai Mingyan, chairman of Qunyi Investment Consulting, said that under the influence of geopolitics, the trend of localization of semiconductor supply chains in various countries is irreversible.


For more coverage on this topic, a second report posted by the United Daily News today could be found here. Last Tuesday, Patently Apple posted a report titled "In 2024, Apple will be buying Device Processors from an Undisclosed Plant in Arizona."


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