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Apple Supplier Foxconn Vehemently Denies that there have been deaths in one of their Dormitories

1 cover Foxconn dormitory

Yesterday Patently Apple linked to a South China Morning Post report regarding Foxconn's iPhone production being under pressure due to new COVID restrictions and that employees were Fleeing the Plant. Today, Foxconn said that there have been no deaths at its Zhengzhou, China factory, the biggest iPhone production facility in the world, hitting back at a video that claimed people had died from a Covid-19 outbreak.


In a statement, Foxconn said that it had carried out a “detailed investigation” into the video and said there have been no deaths at the facility.


“We believe this is a maliciously edited video,” Foxconn said.


2 foxconn press release Nov 1  2022


For more, read the CNBC report.


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