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Today, the U.S. Patent Office published 46 Patent Applications from Apple covering the 3rd-Gen Siri Remote & more

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Today the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) published 46 patent applications from Apple. One of the key patent filings relates to the new Siri Remote with USB-C. The patent does a deep dive into the Touch-Enabled Clickpad. Our report also provides you with a full list of Apple's patent applications published by USPTO for those interested in researching those of interest.  


The Patent behind the Third-Gen Siri Remote


On November 04, the third generation Apple TV remote will launch supporting USB-C. Apple's supporting patent for this was published today by the US Patent Office and originally filed in April 2022.


Apple's patent FIG. 6H is just one of 84 images that cover the remote's movements for the Touch-Enabled Clickpad; FIG. 5C provides an overview of the remote's entire system.


2 Apple TV Remote with USB and clickpad patent


For more details, review Apple's 93-page patent application published under number US 20220334669 A1.


Listed Inventors


Chris Sanders: Backstage Design Lead, tvOS Platform (18+ years at Apple).

Neil Cormican: Design Manager (3 years at Apple)

Dennis Park: UI Designer (almost 10 years at Apple)

Dale Taylor: Software Engineer Manager (15.5 years at Apple)

Ada Turner: Senior Software Engineer (4.5 years at Apple)


USPTO: Apple's Latest Patent Applications


3 APPLE PATENT APPLICATION LIST FOR OCT 20  2022 - Patently Apple report

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